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  • i::voz-NG Recorder Edition

    i::voz-NG Recorder Edition

    This post presents a new module of our i:voz-NG system. It is i:voz-NG Recorder, a module that will allow the...
  • Real-time Control of ACD Queues

    Real-time Control of ACD Queues

    The queue occupancy control within the Call Center is one of the most important aspects of their dimensioning. People who...
  • New Queue/CTI Web supervision panel for Call Center

    New Queue/CTI Web supervision panel for Call Center

    We have recently added a new feature to our telephony solution that provides it with a special value for supervisors...
  • What is i::voz-NG?

    What is i::voz-NG?

    i::voz-NG is next-generation IP telephony. Based on Asterisk core, it is surrounded by an application ecosystem that makes this system...
  • Available versions

    Available versions

    i::voz-NG is implemented in 2 different but complementary flavours, i::voz-NG PBX and i::voz-NG Call Center Edition The two...
  • Certified SIP terminals

    Certified SIP terminals

    Even if i::voz-NG is compatible with almost any SIP terminal in the market, Irontec has certified a number of terminals...